• Ego Pharmaceuticals

    The key features in this project is the KS 1000RW 60mm core roof and the 100mm core Benchmark Multi-grove 900mm wide panel


    The Multi-grove panel provides a premium flat 100mm core with two grooves engineered into its surface. These grooves create a subtle shadow line on the buildings facade giving the illusion of small panel widths with out the installation time constraints. the panel lengths are another highlight of this product allowing the install to be the full highet of the building with one panel. This dramatically reduces the install time compared to conventional cladding systems.


    The KS 1000RW has some dramatic benefits compared to the normal conventional roof systems on the market.the insulated metal facade panels as a single component system increases the speed of the build and minimises delays and the need for multiple trades. the closed cellular structure of the insulation provides zero moisture ingress with no air infiltration. This guarantees thermal reliability with out again or degradation.

  • Key Information


    Aspect Constructions

    Project location:

    21-31 Malcolm rd, Braeside VIC 3195

    Roofing Details:

    Type:KS 1000RW 60mm

    Size: 1,317m2

    R Value: 3.87

    Colour: Surfmist

    Wall Cladding Details:

    Type: 100mm core benchmark evolution multi-grove 900mm wide

    Size: 960m2

    Colours: Basalt & Night sky

    R-Value: 5.15